The Panther System is the result of our collaboration with 26 Times World Champion George Digweed MBE (Panther X6) We engineered the first generation of this frame system back in 2001 and launched the design into the market in 2002. The design directive from George was quite simple, “create a pair of glasses that is like not wearing a pair of glasses.” In 2015 we have launched the Panther X7 platform using an optical correct high wrap mask. All Panther systems use our proprietary VIVX lens science developed by ZEISS.


X6 (Medium-Large)

The Panther X6 is a Base 6 Mask providing excellent coverage and view. The lens is easily snapped on off the frame

X7 (Small-Medium)

The Panther X7 is a Base 7 Model providing a significant level of wrap. The profile of the lens is shorter than the Panther X6.